2012 Leinster Track

Superb double Gold for Sean Curtis with many of our riders inclding Susie, Hugh and Hugo knocking chunks off the personal best timesand indeed Susie addiing a Leinster Gold to her four Senior National medals for the 2012 season. Very impressive display from 1st Year Junior Hugo Brennan in his first year racing.

Vet Men Scratch :
  1st Sean Curtis (Gold)  
Vet Men 500m TT : 1st Sean Curtis (Gold)  37.85   
                                3rd Terry Cromer (Bronze) 38.63
                               4th Hugh Byrne 40.10
Women's 500m TT  :  1st Susie Mitchell (Gold) 40.88
Junior Men  500m TT 2nd Hugo Brennan (Silver) 39.51 

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