2012 Leinster Track

October 28, 2012

Superb double Gold for Sean Curtis with many of our riders inclding Susie, Hugh and Hugo knocking chunks off the personal best timesand indeed Susie addiing a Leinster Gold to her four Senior National medals for the 2012 season. Very impressive display from 1st Year Junior Hugo Brennan in his first year racing.

Vet Men Scratch :
  1st Sean Curtis (Gold)  
Vet Men 500m TT : 1st Sean Curtis (Gold)  37.85   
                                3rd Terry Cromer (Bronze) 38.63
                               4th Hugh Byrne 40.10
Women's 500m TT  :  1st Susie Mitchell (Gold) 40.88
Junior Men  500m TT 2nd Hugo Brennan (Silver) 39.51 

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