Drimnagh Castle Visit

Drimnagh Castle C.B.S. enjoyed the sunshine at the track in sundrive on Monday 26th  April.  Twenty six 1st to 3rd  year students were put through there paces by Stephen Gibbons (Lucan CC) and Sundrive caoches Alec Darragh,  John Coates and Andrea Fagan were on hand to help.  This visit was a folow on field trip to the track subsequent to the Track Presentation given to the school by Stephen and his team. When they first arrived they each got a track bike and were cycling on the grass stopping and starting within minutes. 


Two students Eoin Mc Cahill and Jobin Prince who are  members of the Sundrive Track Club led out each group showing them how to stop on the track safely.  The coaches workerd with half up onto the track at one time while the other half worked on the grass on the grass perfecting there handling skill’s.  Both groups swapped around at regular intervals doing lap’s, up and over’s, the snake and cycling in pair’s before ending up with some drag racing.

The student’s would have stayed all day if giving half a chance. We would hope to have this group down to the track again soon and perhaps some may like Eoin & Jobin take up Track Cycling  in a more formal way 

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