Paul Doyle Vets Champ

Sundrive rider Paul Doyle marked his transition to the veteran ranks with a fine win in the National Veteran Track Omnium Championship as his home track in Sundrive Road. This was run over five events and he had to fight off determined competion from two of the best short distance and sprint specialists Brendan Whelan (Lucan) and Paul Kennedy (Swords).  The championship included a flying 200m TT, scratch race, 2km pursuit, points race and a standing start 500m.  These three riders shared top spots in all events with Paul winning the Scratch and Pursuit. Only a single point between all three going into the final event after a tactical battle in the points race and saw Paul one point in arrears coming into the final event. Paul a former National Kilo Champion was off last but one and posted a time a mere 2/100ths of a second off the National Outdoor Vets record laying down a serious marker for the Lucan rider.  Once again this competiton went down to the final ride from the last rider of the day and Brendans time fell short by 2/10th sec leaving both riders on equal points. This meant that the event would be decided by the combined times from the two riders timed events and saw Paul a comfortable winner due to his dominance in the pursuit in particular.  Huge disappointment for Brendan but the quality of the opposition enhances the glory of the win and a delighted Paul donned the National Champions Jersey.

Also in action on the day were Sundrive riders Terry Cromer, Hugh Byrne and Alec Darragh. Terry placed 6th overall but more importantly his wrist injury seems to be coming around in good time for the European Masters and his 500 times are peaking nicely too. Hugh made some serious improvements in PBs and times are heading in the right direction and is looking forward to the IVCA Championships later in the year.

We also saw Andrea Fagan guest on the Orwell Team Pursuit team who took the win in the Womens Team Pursuit demonstration event.  We also entered a men's team which included Dominic Walls, Eoin Mullen and Paul Doyle but there were no match for the well policed squads from Kilcullen, Lucan &  Bray. Without the distraction of the Vets C/ship we will make a determined effort to win this event next year!!

Event 1 : Flying 200
1. Brendan Whelan (Lucan) 12.07
2. Paul Kennedy (Swords) 12.48
3. Paul Doyle (Sundrive) 12.58
4. Ciaran Smith (Carrick) 12.98
5. Terry Cromer (Sundrive) 13.10
6. Ger Ivory (Bray) 13.31
7. David Cassidy (unatt) 13.52
8. Hugh Byrne (Sundrive) 13.91
9. Karl Sexton (slipstream) 14.28
10. Wayne Doolin (Nass) 14.29
11. Orla Hendron (Orwell) 14.60
12. Eamonn Hartley (Comeragh) 14.49
13. Fergus Sharkey (Naas) 15.00
14. Alec Darragh (Sundrive) 15.42
Event 2 - Scratch -  25 Laps
1. Paul Doyle (Sundrive)
2. Brendan Whelan (Lucan)
3. Paul Kennedy (Swords)
4. Ciaran Smith (Carrick)
5. Ger Ivory (Bray)
6. David Cassidy (unatt)
7. Terry Cromer (Sundrive)
8. Fergus Sharkey (Naas)
9. Wayne Doolin (Nass)
10. Karl Sexton (Slipstream)
11. Orla Hendron (Orwell)
12. Hugh Byrne (Sundrive)
13. Eamonn Hartley (Comeragh)
14. Alec Darragh (Sundrive)
Event 3 - 2km Pursuit
1. Paul Doyle (Sundrive) 2.34.34
2. Brendan Whelan (Lucan) 2.37.47
3. Paul Kennedy (Swords) 2.40.06
4. David Cassidy (unatt) 2.43.75
5. Terry Cromer (Sundrive) 2.46.53
6. Ger Ivory (Bray) 2.46.63
7. Ciaran Smith (Carrick) 2.53.22
8. Hugh Byrne (Sundrive) 2.53.81
9. Orla Hendron (Orwell) 2.58.09
10. Fergus Sharkey (Naas) 2.58.41
11. Eamonn Hartley (Comeragh) 2.59.59
12. Karl Sexton (Slipstream) 3.00.03
13. Wayne Doolin (Nass) 3.00.90
14. Alec Darragh (Sundrive) 3.20.72
Event 4 : Points - 24 laps (6 sprints)
1. Paul Kennedy (Swords) 18pts & 1 lap
2. Brendan Whelan (Lucan) 18pts
3. Paul Doyle (Sundrive) 14pts
4. Ger Ivory (Bray) 7pts
5. David Cassidy (unatt) 5pts
6. Hugh Byrne (Sundrive) 4pts
7. Fergus Sharkey (Naas)
8. Eamonn Hartley (Comeragh)
9. Orla Hendron (Orwell) 
10. Terry Cromer (Sundrive)
Event 5 : 500m TT
1. Paul Doyle (Sundrive) 37.62
2. Brendan Whelan (Lucan) 37.81
3. Paul Kennedy (Swords) 38.44  
4. Terry Cromer (Sundrive) 38.53
5. David Cassidy (unatt) 39.72
6. Ger Ivory (Bray) 42.17
7. Hugh Byrne (Sundrive) 43.15
8. Orla Hendron (Orwell) 43.92
9. Fergus Sharkey (Naas) 44.14
10. Eamonn Hartley (Comeragh) 46.05
Final Overall
1. Paul Doyle (Sundrive) 9pts *
2. Brendan Whelan (Lucan) 9pts *
3. Paul Kennedy (Swords) 12pts  
4. Ger Ivory (Bray) 25pts
5. David Cassidy (unatt) 27pts
6. Terry Cromer (Sundrive) 31pts
7. Hugh Byrne (Sundrive) 41pts
8. Fergus Sharkey (Naas) 47pts
9. Orla Hendron (Orwell) 48pts
10. Eamonn Hartley (Comeragh) 54pts
* Equal points - split by combined times of TTs

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