Road Racing

 As a club we seek to promote and develop track racing but we also encourage our riders to race road as we fully believe that road racing helps develop you as a track rider, and skills learned on the track are quite useful on the road. 

Already this season we have had development riders at the National Road Camp and youth riders at both the Leinster road and National Road camps. We also have all these riders participating in road races, a new discipline for many of them.


Sean Curtis has been doing well in A3 events and John Walsh is taking to road with considerable ease considering he is so new to the sport. Also Andrea Fagan rode well in both the Womens Development Track Camp, and the Womens National League event last weekend in Bohermeen. All our riders are nicely poised to make an impact on the road this season, but more importantly all are determined to do well on their primary objective - Track!

This weekend many of our Vet members will be racing in the first IVCA race of the season and we also look forward to seeing them and indeed more of our fellow club members joining in on the road races and so see more of the black and yellow falshes in the bunch!

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