Team Sprint Double


A first National Title for our Sundrive Team when our European Medal winner Terry Cromer coached our Senior Men, Keith Bannan, Keith Meghan and Paul Doyle to the Team Sprint title. Our team knew that although the had won the title as part of a composite team the previous year, that they would have to break the national record set by Cycling Pursuits, their main rivals, a feat they hadn't quite managed in training. As it turned out, all the work done, especially on the start, paid off handsomely when the team started in perfect unison and set off to a bistering start which gave them the platform to take the title and the national record by over a second.

Our ladies, Cariosa & Perrine, completed a perfect day when they won the demostation level, womens event. Much work was done with direction from Terry, and assistance from Alec Darragh and Ray Grogan. Both titles were very much a team effort and many of our younger members were on hand to celebrate our achievement

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